Welcome to 1life2live gifs. Since OLTL has been cancelled again, this blog will serve as a memory blog. Please use the tags to find posts that feature your favorite OLTL characters and/or couples.


Kamar De Los Reyes 


Random thought. How I know Mitch may or may not have a foot fetish.

Bo and Gabrielle → May 31, 2002 (x)

Bo: Do you want to move out of here?

Gabrielle: Not really.

Bo: Do you want that job at The Banner?

Gabrielle: Be awfully nice.

Bo: Okay, then guess what, it’s yours, you know? No strings attached.

Gabrielle: What?


"Something to share with the rest of us, Santiago?"

No, sir, I wasn’t—”


Bo and Gabrielle → November 14, 2002 (x)

Bo: You’re not going to let the blonde menace ruin our perfectly great evening, now are you?

Favorite Mother/Daughter Relationships:

Blair Cramer and Starr Manning

One Life to Live

"Starr, I’m your mom. And I love you so much. And nothing, nothing could ever change that.”

"You have no idea how strong my little girl is."

"It takes years
It takes time
For the light to reach the earth and shine
Look at you here you are
Burning bright my little Starr.”