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 30 Days of Haven: Day 09 - Your favourite minor character.

Claire Callahan (302 - 312 310)

"Does anyone like it when their shrink says interesting?"

"No, that’s half the fun in saying it." - 303: ‘The Farmer’.


Dan Gauthier 

John gives Evangeline his mom’s pearls for her birthday.  💗


Kyle and Oliver:

"You are driving me crazy."
"That is the point."


Kamar De Los Reyes 


Random thought. How I know Mitch may or may not have a foot fetish.

Bo and Gabrielle → May 31, 2002 (x)

Bo: Do you want to move out of here?

Gabrielle: Not really.

Bo: Do you want that job at The Banner?

Gabrielle: Be awfully nice.

Bo: Okay, then guess what, it’s yours, you know? No strings attached.

Gabrielle: What?